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Fast Facts


The Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes at North Carolina State University supports the recruitment, retention and graduation of NC State student-athletes by providing a comprehensive support system that affords student-athletes equitable opportunity to pursue academic, personal and professional development while strongly adhering to the principles of integrity, excellence, and lifelong learning.


  • 10 academic coordinators
  • 2 assistant academic coordinators
  • 3 learning specialists
  • 2 support staffers
  • 1 tutorial coordinator
  • 1 eligibility coordinator
  • 120+ part-time academic support staff who serve as tutors and mentors



  • Provide academic support and advising to the student-athlete population
  • Cultivate academic, personal, and career development for the student-athlete population
  • Offer group and individual tutorial assistance
  • Host on-site math, writing and science tutorial labs
  • Provide academic mentoring services
  • Facilitate academic workshops for student-athletes
  • Teach introductory to the university courses