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Current Student-Athletes

Being a student-athlete can be tough. The Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes is here to help you make your transition to college a little easier. Our staff is equipped with the knowledge and skills to help with many of the academic issues student-athletes face. Our services are available to all student-athletes throughout their tenure at NC State.

Student-Athlete Code of Conduct

As an NC State student-athlete, I am an ambassador for my university, my hometown, my family, my team, and my fellow students.  Because of the respect I have for myself and for them, I will:

Be responsible for my own actions at all times.

Act with the highest standards of integrity in all that I do.

Participate fully in academic and athletic matters.

Earn my college degree.

Exhibit good sportsmanship no matter what circumstance I am in.

Contribute to my community, especially to those less fortunate than myself.

Remain an amateur, in fact and in spirit, for as long as I am an NC State student.

Treat my body with respect and care.

Lead, rather than follow the behavior of others.

Be a positive role model for my team members, fellow students, alumni, fans and especially the school children that will follow in my footsteps.