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93 Student-athletes Honored at ASPSA Graduation Breakfast

93 Student-Athletes Honored

Celebrating academic, athletic, and personal accomplishments.
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On Saturday, May 13th, 93 NC State student-athletes were honored at ASPSA’s graduation breakfast ceremony in Vaughn Towers. The ASPSA graduation breakfast is held each semester prior to the university commencement in PNC Arena. Parents, coaches, advisors and friends gathered together to celebrate the student-athletes’ academic, athletic, and personal accomplishments.

Jonathan Davis, from men’s soccer, emceed the ceremony. Davis reflected on his time at State and how Wolfpack determination endows a unique resiliency in NC State student-athletes.


Megan Albidrez, associate director at ASPSA, facilitated the presentation of sashes. Each student-athlete was recognized and given a student-athlete sash to wear with their cap and gown. Dr. Yow addressed the crowd, reminding the students of the strong foundation and grit ingrained in them.

The student reflection was given by Jennifer Mathurin from the women’s basketball team. She gave a heart wrenching speech about her personal losses during her time at State, and how thankful she is for the Wolfpack family she gained in coaches, advisors, support staff and teammates.  Mathurin stated, “We’ve all had to face losses. Whether it was a very important game, or a person we truly cared about, we’ve face things that we never thought we would be able to overcome. Because of our resiliency, courage, determination, sacrifices and for all the people who supported us throughout this journey, each and every single one of us is sitting here today proudly about to put on a red cap and gown.”

Congratulations to the class of 2017 – you are bound for success!



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