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Student-Athletes Abroad: Ade Taiwo’s Summer in Segovia

Ade Taiwo, a men’s soccer player from Raleigh, is currently spending his summer in Segovia, Spain as part of NC State’s Spain: Language, Technology, and Culture in Segovia Program. Ade is currently a fifth-year double-majoring in communication and international studies. He is in Segovia for a month taking Spanish: Language, Technology, and Culture and Spanish: History, Art, and Culture. This summer we will follow Ade’s journey to give a glimpse into a different aspect in the life of a student-athlete.

Segovia Week 1: The people, the culture, the atmosphere

        I never want to come home. My first week in Segovia, Spain has been one of the most breathtaking weeks of my life. My main concern was being able to communicate and be comfortable with the family that I will be living with for a month, but I can already tell that emotions will fly when it comes time to go. They are so welcoming and understanding and the language barrier has gotten tremendously better over the last few days. A typical day for me is going to school from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m, going home for a “siesta,” which is a little break in the day where everyone pretty much goes home for lunch and a rest. After that, we are usually on our own. I have spent a lot of time in the Plaza Mayor, basically the town square with all of the shops, restaurants, sites and sounds. It doesn’t get dark until 10 p.m., so the days are filled with whatever you put your mind to. I’ve gone hiking through the mountains (scariest moments of my life, but the best scenes as well). I’ve seen castles that still don’t even seem real. I’ve been doing things that I would have never done back home, but Segovia has made stepping out of my comfort zone worth it.


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