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Five NC State Students Named to 20-21 All-ACC Women’s Basketball Academic Team

This year, NC State tied for the conference lead with five selections to the 2020-2021 All-ACC Women’s Basketball Academic Team:

Jakia Brown-Turner, sophomore majoring in Psychology

Elissa Cunane, junior majoring in Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Raina Perez, graduate student majoring in Leadership and Volunteer Management

Kai Crutchfield, senior majoring in Business Management

Kayla Jones, senior majoring in Sport Management 

The minimum academic requirements for selection to the All-ACC Academic Team are a 3.0 grade point average for the previous semester and a 3.0 cumulative average during the student-athlete’s academic career. Additionally, athletic achievements from the most recent season are also considered in selecting the All-ACC Academic Team.

When asked how she is able to manage her academic and athletic commitments, Elissa Cunane explained, “One strategy that has helped me be successful is utilizing a planner to map my weeks out. With managing basketball and school schedules, it can get confusing so writing everything I have due out keeps me on track. Along with that, writing out all dates of exams and assignments that are due at the beginning of the semester allows me to plan for travel time and game schedules so I can rearrange things if needed. Professors will be appreciative and more likely to work with you if you contact them ahead of time and plan early rather than doing it last minute.”

When asked the same question, Raina Perez commented, “One strategy that has helped me manage my academic and athletic commitments is to work ahead on my school work. We travel a lot during the season, and you think you’ll have time to do homework on the road, but with the free time you have all you want to do is relax. Therefore, by getting it done ahead of time, you don’t have to stress about it.”

As far as tips for freshmen student-athletes, Cunane advised them to not take academics lightly and spend time enjoying their major: “If you are in a program that doesn’t interest you or make you like going to class, then maybe you are in the wrong program. The easiest way to be motivated is by liking your classes and wanting to learn, so find classes that you are passionate about, don’t just choose based on easiness and what your friends are doing.” Perez echoed Cunane’s comments stating, “Some advice I would give to freshmen student-athletes on being successful academically and athletically is to work hard at both. Don’t think one is more important than the other because in the end, they go hand in hand with one another.”

The entire list of student-athletes and more information can be found here:

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