Academic Skills Enhancement Program

The Academic Skills Enhancement Program (ASEP) welcomes you to our website! We continue to provide a learning environment for not only student athletes, but also for our tutors and staff. We designed our page as a resource in finding information related to tutorial services and tutor trainings.

Tutorial support is available to all student-athletes.  Sessions may be individual, small group, or drop-in tutoring.  Student-athletes should consult with their assigned academic coordinator to discuss their tutoring needs.
The Academic Skills Enhancement Program is committed to providing student-athletes with tutorial services. If you are a student-athlete who would like to request tutoring please speak with your Academic Coordinator.

ASPSA Facility Rules (Case Academic Center/Murphy Center)

ASPSA Facility Rules

Student-athletes can meet their individual study hall requirements in one of these facilities: Case Academic Center or the Murphy Study Center facility. Regardless of which facility, students are expected to follow the ASPSA Study Hall Rules.

Student Athlete 5 Point Policy

Student Contract

The Academic Skills Enhancement Program is committed to providing student athletes with tutorial services. To ensure that all students are appropriately and respectfully using the services provided by ASEP, a 5 Point Policy has been established.

Tutor Handbook

ASEP Handbook 2016-2017

The ASEP Handbook includes information for tutors/staff regarding the program policies and procedures.  Any questions about the program should be directed to the ASEP Program Staff.