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56 Wolves added to the Pack

Summer START Athletes

Friday wraps up the first two weeks of Summer START for 56 incoming freshman student-athletes. Summer START takes place during Summer Session II and consists of five weeks of academic and co-curricular activities. The program gives new students a chance to adjust to college life, while getting a head start on their academics.

The newest members of the Pack moved in on Sunday, June 19th and were greeted with a week of orientations, meetings, and their first college classes. While the first week was crowded with business demands, it was also the foundation for building friendships and exploring their new home for the next four years.

Wrestling student-athlete Charlie Lenox and football student-athlete Thad Moss both agreed that the most surprising and exciting experience so far is all of the new people they’ve met. Women’s basketball student-athlete Erika Cassell is most looking forward to making new friends in the upcoming weeks. All agreed that NC State’s campus is large and spread out in comparison to what they are used to, but had positive things to say about it. When asked if he got to explore campus yet, Lenox explained, “Yes, I love it. It is an extremely nice campus.” Moss added, “I like it; it’s very open.”

There are only a little over three weeks left of Summer START, but plenty of time for new friendships and memorable experiences in and outside the classroom.

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